Things You Need To Know If You Are Interested In Reserving A Domdar Puppy....

We chronicle every litter with photographs and videos from birth, to leaving for your home. The video is combined and you receive a tape that you can keep and continue on thru the dogs early months. The sire and dam, if available will also be on your tape.

A very thick "Puppy Packet" is sent as soon as your reservation is confirmed. The Puppy Packet is so complete that if you never read anything else, you would learn all you need to know about raising a healthy, well trained puppy.

You will also receive a packet of colour copies of sire and dam, pertinent show and production record information, and copies of all clearances.

Shipping arrangements are carefully planned, and we make every effort to ship puppy only on non-stop, non-transfer flights during safe weather. All the minute details will be discussed with you carefully as the time approaches.

After you puppy arrives you will receive the guarantee papers. Copies are retained by both the Breeder and the Buyer. We invite you to notice in advance that we also ask for a first option to purchase back if the dog ever comes on the market for sale.

Please do not forget to concider an older chow. Once in awhile we have a rescue chow looking for a loving home. These dogs make loving and devoted pets. When the opportunity arises we will post a photo for you to view.

I know there are some broken hearts over her as we had many family's contact us about this sweet girl. But not to worry we have another litter expected towards the end of January and will keep you all posted in the good news! ❤
This sweet loving girl was born on October 23 2017. She is available to the right loving home. She is great with children and you always see her light up when the kids walk in the room. She has been introduced to cats and has decided they are her friends lol. She has come along way with her potty training and is doing amazing. She is such a special girl to us and we will love to hear about you and your family and see if she is a good match for your family. 


excepted Litter

EVA & Demon